Attacks aimed at the energy sector are extremely sophisticated

The systems and infrastructure that drive your organization’s operations are becoming more connected, broadening the target for attackers seeking to do harm or steal highly sensitive information. Attacks aimed at the energy sector are extremely sophisticated, stealthy, and likely never before seen. Antivirus is no match for these types of threats.

Fortify critical infrastructure against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform continuously monitors behavior on your endpoints and predicts advanced attacks across multiple vectors; not just malware. SentinelOne EPP intelligently automates the entire incident response process to eliminate threats and adapt your defenses accordingly.

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SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform Benefits

  • Protect SCADA and Distributed Control Systems across multiple platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux) from unauthorized access and advanced attacks
  • Rapidly eliminate threats upon detection and easily mitigate any compromised systems
  • Easily demonstrate compliance with the NERC/FERC and CIP standards
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SentinelOne is a Certified Antivirus Replacement Solution