With SentinelOne’s fully integrated mitigation and remediation features, dwell time becomes a thing of the past. When a threat is detected, it can be immediately neutralized and eliminated, according to policies you set.

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Zero-touch mitigation

SentinelOne’s automated mitigation capabilities cover all endpoints and servers– local and remote—allowing for decisive threat mitigation upon detection. Create custom groups of endpoints and effortlessly apply turnkey mitigation and containment policies, per your organization’s requirements.

sentinelone software dashboard console

sentinelone software dashboard console

Your policies can automatically:

  • Kill malicious processes
  • Quarantine malware and infected files
  • Alert security personnel via e-mail, SMS, or SYSLOG notifications
  • Disconnect infected endpoints from the network to prevent lateral spread
  • Immunize all other protected endpoints on the network against new, never-before-seen threats

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Seamless rollback

Effortlessly reverse any attack-driven file damage and restore files back to their previous trusted states. (*requires use of Windows Shadow Copy).

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