The First AV-TEST Certified Enterprise Anti-Virus Replacement and Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform IS HERE

By SentinelOne -

AV-TEST, a leading independent anti-virus research institute, has awarded SentinelOne EPP the Approved Corporate Endpoint Protection certification. The certification validates SentinelOne EPP for its effectiveness in detecting both advanced malware and blocking known threats.

SentinelOne EPP is the first and only AV-TEST certified next generation endpoint security solution that combines prevention, detection, mitigation, remediation, and forensic capabilities for Windows, OS X, and Android devices.

It provides comprehensive capabilities that define next generation endpoint protection, and help protect from known, legacy threats, as well as from highly advanced malware and exploits.

Enterprises can now augment their existing antivirus with SentinelOne EDR, or completely replace their existing corporate AV suites and still meet compliance requirements with SentinelOne EPP.

“Protecting endpoint devices from increasing sophisticated threats is a critical point of focus, many of these threats can now bypass traditional signature-based security approaches. I am really impressed with SentinelOne’s ability to monitor all processes on a device, whether it is on or off the corporate network, and detect malware based on its behavior. I believe this new model is needed to protect against advanced malware that is invisible to outdated anti-virus systems.” – Ben Carr, Sr. Director of Information Security, VISA

This is a significant advantage for enterprises everywhere looking for a complete solution that protects against known and unknown attacks.

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