Unite Endpoint Protection, Detection, Response, and Remediation

Confront the entire threat lifecycle to thwart the impact of attacks on endpoints. The SentinelOne platform delivers the defenses you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown—threats.


Next-generation endpoint security protects
against all threat vectors

Pre-Execution -+

Malware Access Denied

Keep known and unknown malware and other bad programs out of endpoints. SentinelOne combines dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting with advanced static prevention in the form of deep file inspection to block threats before they have a chance to impact your endpoints.


On Execution -+

Detect and Contain Threats

Lightweight agent monitors all activity and applies machine learning to dynamically detect the most advanced attacks, including exploits, fileless, and sophisticated malware. Upon detection of a new threat, SentinelOne stops its progress by disconnecting the infected device from the network.


Post-Execution -+

Immunize Endpoints

Use policy-based mitigation to respond to incidents. After stopping attacks, quickly rollback modifications and auto-immunize your endpoints. A 360-degree view of endpoints and threats from inception to termination powers forensics and policy enforcement.

Broad protection against diverse modes of attack



Trojans, malware, worms, backdoors, payload-based


Memory-only malware, no-disk-based indicators



Exploits rooted in Office documents, Adobe files, macros, spear phishing emails


Drive-by downloads, Flash, Java, Javascript, VBS, IFrame/HTML5, plug-ins



Powershell, WMI, PowerSploit, VBS


Mimikatz, credentials scraping, tokens

SentinelOne delivers security and business wins

Enterprise Proven

SentinelOne has built solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs. Scalable, Cloud and On-Premise Management, Offline Support, and a Robust API.

Single, Holistic Agent

Lightweight and high-performance. PC, Mac, Linux, VDI. We have you covered.  Security in real-time on the device, and fully autonomous.

Security Integrations 

Our product can serve as platform or as integrator. SentinelOne currently has 15 integrations for our customers including Splunk, Fortinet, Okta, BigFix, and Tanium.

Certified & Recognized

We have worked with the security industry and specific verticals to be compliant and proven. Gartner, NSS Labs, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, MRG Effitas, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, to name a few.

Ransomware Warranty 

Our Chief of Security Strategy, Jeremiah Grossman, drafted our ransomware warranty program because customers should not be left in the dark when new cyberattacks occur.


We are reimagining cybersecurity for the modern world. Everything we do is built for the threats of tomorrow, utilizing behavior + AI. Equally important in what we do: architecture, infrastructure, and usability.

Zero Downtime with SentinelOne

Mark Patterson, CIO, S.M. Wilson

“SentinelOne didn’t add any complexity to our lives, and it absolutely helps us keep our people and our customers safe. We’ve had zero downtime due to a virus since we put in SentinelOne.”


SentinelOne earns NSS Labs highest ROI score out of 15 endpoint protection solutions and coveted “Recommended” rating.


SentinelOne certified for anti-virus replacement for Windows and MacOS by the AV-TEST Institute.


SentinelOne named most visionary endpoint protection platform in Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant.


Guaranteed to stop ransomware

Only SentinelOne offers up to $1 million in warranty protection against ransomware attacks.