Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Software

Because Lethal Strikes Happen Fast

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Changing the Security Paradigm

Goodbye AV. Hello NG. Behavioral-based detection and intelligent automation stop the most advanced malware, exploit, and insider attacks in their tracks.

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Predict Malicious Behavior

Autonomous monitoring and dynamic behavior tracking detect malicious activity across all threat vectors.

Rapidly Eliminate Threats

Fully-automated, integrated response capabilities eliminate threats and roll manipulated files back to trusted states.

Seamlessly Adapt Defenses

Cloud intelligence and machine learning seamlessly adapt your endpoint and server defenses against the latest malware and attacks.

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SentinelOne didn't add any complexity to our lives, and it absolutely helps us keep our people and customers safe. We’ve had zero downtime due to attacks since we put in SentinelOne. And that’s the ultimate goal of any security solution!

Mark Patterson | S. M. Wilson & Co., CIO

Once we saw a demo of SentinelOne, we knew it was the powerful endpoint protection tool that could solve our security problems and let us sleep at night.

Rogério Torres Fernandez | Level Up Interactive Ltda, IT Manager

In building a security strategy to keep pace with our business growth, traditional antivirus wasn’t even a consideration. We looked to Next-Generation Endpoint Protection that could enhance our endpoint security posture and integrate seamlessly with our cloud-based IT presence, and found exactly what we needed with SentinelOne EPP.

Jeff Holland | Civis, Sr. Security Engineer

SentinelOne is the only vendor in this analysis that includes full EDR-type functionality in the core platform. SentinelOne is a good prospect to replace or augment existing EPP solutions for any company looking for a fresh approach and integrated EDR.

Gartner Magic Quadrant | 2016 Endpoint Protection

With the onslaught of malicious actors deploying advanced malware and the limitations of existing antivirus software, SentinelOne is providing a critical solution to this problem. A solution that will benefit the entire industry.

Justin Somaini | Box, Chief Trust Officer


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