Posted: 06/23/17

Are we done with WannaCry?

Several customers and industry analysts frequently ask us (and other vendors) about independent validation of … Continued

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Posted: 06/14/17

Armory Sandbox – Building a USB analyzer with USB armory

Some time ago a friend received a mysterious USB pen with a note talking about … Continued

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Posted: 06/02/17

“Zusy” PowerPoint Malware Spreads Without Needing Macros

By Caleb Fenton and Itai Liba, Senior Security Researchers, SentinelOne Labs A new variant of … Continued

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Posted: 05/25/17

The Executive Order on Cybersecurity: Can We Finally Get on the Right Path?

The recent WannaCry campaign took over news cycles, hindering an evaluation of Trump’s recent cybersecurity … Continued

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Posted: 05/24/17

New “Widia” Ransomware Asks for Credit Card for Payment

By Caleb Fenton and Itai Liba, Senior Security Researchers, SentinelOne Labs While hunting for new types … Continued

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Posted: 05/12/17

WanaCrypt0r aka WannaCry ransomware wreaks havoc worldwide

The WanaCrypt0r ransomware hit with a vengeance on Friday, with the outbreak beginning in Europe, striking … Continued

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Posted: 05/11/17

Is a Walled Garden Better for Security?

With the issue of cybersecurity becoming increasingly important every year, and security professionals feeling under … Continued

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Posted: 05/10/17

vCrypt1 ransomware analysis

Overview Ransomware is a great source of income for many crime groups and we have … Continued

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Posted: 05/04/17

Practice These 10 Basic Cyber Hygiene Tips for Risk Mitigation

For six years in a row, cybersecurity has been identified as the #1 “problematic shortage” … Continued

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Posted: 04/27/17

Introducing: SentinelOne Enterprise Risk Index

SentinelOne’s new Enterprise Risk Index (ERI) provides new evidence of the proportion of attacks that … Continued

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Posted: 04/25/17

Prevent Cyber Attacks Through a Lesson in Ransomware Anatomy

You’ve been suffering from flu-like symptoms for over a week now, so you drag yourself … Continued

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Posted: 04/21/17

SentinelOne Detects Shadow Broker Binaries with DFI

Waves of panic were sent through the cybersecurity community as suspected NSA spying tools were … Continued

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