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Locky Ransomware Has Evolved—The Dangers of PowerShell Scripting

It’s no secret that ransomware is taking the cybersecurity community by storm. In fact, a recent survey discovered that 48% of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack in the last 12 months. One of the biggest challenges companies have when defending against ransomware is the same challenge when defending against…

December 14, 2016

Sarah Vanier

You're Still Using that OS? Major Security Threats in Healthcare

Believe it or not, this very scenario is actually reality for a highly regulated industry. As Windows XP celebrates its quinceañera, the healthcare industry is a VIP on the guest list. With XP boxes managing electronic health records, it’s no wonder malicious actors are deploying ransomware attacks before they even…

December 12, 2016

Scott Gainey

Insider Threats in Cyber Security—More Than Just Human Error

If you consider the insider threats in cyber security (rather than dismissing everything as human error), you can cover the different types of human error. No matter how you look at it, companies can no longer afford to suffer such high volumes of insider threats on an annual basis. 3…

December 09, 2016

Sarah Vanier

Mirai Botnet Descendants Will Lead to Even Bigger Internet Outages

Hackers iterate constantly and at a frightening rate. Whenever a new piece of malware finds success, a million imitators and successors will pop up. The marketplace of ideas guarantees that the most successful of these variants will rapidly spawn offshoots of their own. We've seen this in the rise of…

December 07, 2016

Scott Gainey

Detecting Malware Pre-execution with Static Analysis and Machine Learning

It's widely agreed in the industry that simple byte signatures aren't enough to reliably detect malware anymore. Instead, modern anti-virus products heavily rely on some combination of static and dynamic analysis to feed features into predictive models which determine if a particular file is malicious or not. Until recently, we've…

December 05, 2016

Caleb Fenton

Top Malware Threats For Smart Cities

While smart cities may be the future, they also create a wide-open target for malware. These technologically dense cities will have a larger attack surface with more internet of things (IoT) devices per square mile. The goal of the smart city is to improve economic and environmental efficiency while improving…

December 02, 2016

Sean Roth

Instrumented Systems and Next Gen Sandboxes

The problem with the bad guys is that they don’t have any rules. In fact, the only predictable thing about them, is that, at some point unauthorised access to your systems will be part of their plan. We've been through a phase where the bad guys could obfuscate, encrypt or,…

December 01, 2016

Andy Norton

WSF Files On The Rise

Like many scripting and development languages, Windows script files (WSF) can be a powerful tool when used for good. Unfortunately, when it’s in the hands of an attacker, it can be used to create malicious WSF files with the purpose of creating malware. One example of this is the recent…

November 30, 2016

Sarah Vanier

What is Cyber Insurance and Do You Really Need It?

Cyber insurance seems to be a popular new buzzword for many businesses. Roughly 70% of companies are now trying to transfer the risk to a third party insurance company. Out of these, roughly 25% were spending $500,000 or more on premiums. When asked in the RIMS cyber security survey why…

November 28, 2016

Scott Gainey

New POS Malware Attacks Abandon Stealth

Professionally written-malware is rarely unsubtle. Long, slow and stealthy attacks are generally the rule—but a rogue malware author has decided to break that rule by going fast and loud. What's more, this approach is actually finding a great deal of success, which should have retailers worried in the lead up…

November 21, 2016

Sarah Vanier