Posted: 04/20/17

Preventing Ransomware Attacks Becomes Vital in Healthcare

The deluge of ransomware attacks in 2016 on hospitals and other healthcare facilities plastered headlines. … Continued

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Posted: 04/18/17

Dump the Sandbox

Technology becomes obsolete quickly in a variety of industries as “newer” and “more innovative” options … Continued

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Posted: 04/13/17

CVE-2017-0199: What REAL 0-Day Vulnerability Protection Looks Like

News of a Microsoft Word 0-day vulnerability spread like wildfire this week. Discovered by FireEye, … Continued

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Posted: 04/11/17

Malware Analyst’s Guide to Bitcoin

Why Should You Care? Criminals are using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for handling payments for … Continued

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Posted: 04/05/17

SentinelOne Now Supports Windows Legacy Systems

Not All Operating Systems are Created Equal Last month, at South China University of Technology … Continued

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Posted: 03/30/17

Windows Shortcut File or .LNK Files Sneaking In Malware

Malicious actors keep us on our toes as they move from executables (.EXE) and scripts … Continued

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Posted: 03/28/17

I’m Getting Hacked Where? Your Data Breach Response Checklist

Jeremiah Grossman, our Chief of Security and Strategy here at SentinelOne, has a great piece … Continued

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Posted: 03/23/17

What is a CISO? And the 101 on How to Set Them Up for Success

The position of CISO —Chief Information Security Officer— is one of the newest roles ever … Continued

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Posted: 03/21/17

Cyber Security Importance Doesn’t Always Translate in Business

  We hear a lot about cyber security these days, both in the business world … Continued

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Posted: 03/16/17

The Anatomy of a DDoS Attack

Distributed denial of service or DDoS attacks are a big deal in today’s cybersecurity world. … Continued

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Posted: 03/14/17

Deepening threat intelligence: SentinelOne’s DFI engine now part of VirusTotal

A short while ago, SentinelOne—in the latest release of EPP– brought to market a powerful … Continued

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Posted: 03/10/17

The History of Cyber Security — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The history of cyber security began with a research project. A man named Bob Thomas … Continued

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