Posted: 01/30/17

KillDisk Malware Gets Ransomware Upgrade

KillDisk is a frightening name among security researchers. This is the malware that was used … Continued

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Posted: 01/26/17

Ransomware Roundup

This is the first of the SentinelOne threat Roundups, this is designed to be a … Continued

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Posted: 01/25/17

RaaS: Hacking Made Easy

Do you know what the greatest motivator in 2016 was for cyber attacks? If you … Continued

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Posted: 01/20/17

Is an NIH for InfoSec the Proper Cyber Attack Response?

Let’s imagine something for a second. A new disease is sweeping the world, some deadly … Continued

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Posted: 01/18/17

Avalanche Crime Syndicate Shut Down

Remember the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital? Early last year, a group of criminals encrypted the healthcare … Continued

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Posted: 01/16/17

Are the Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities Leaving You Feeling Scared?

Based on an analysis in 2015 of over 100 exploit kits (EKs) and known vulnerabilities, … Continued

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Posted: 01/13/17

Malware Authors are Weaponizing Ad-Supported Services

Exploit kits are like stealthy cruise missiles full of malware. A user who clicks on … Continued

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Posted: 01/11/17

Mass Surveillance: The Downsides of Traditional Endpoint Protection

The intersection of privacy and security has lent itself to some extremely contentious debates over … Continued

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Posted: 01/09/17

Threat Intelligence: How To Find The Real Threats In Time

Every day we are bombarded by mountains of threat data from a variety of sources. … Continued

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Posted: 01/06/17

Cybersecurity Jobs Outlook is Bleak News for Businesses

Here’s a sobering bit of data: there is an employment crisis in information security. By … Continued

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Posted: 01/04/17

AtomBombing Code Injection: Real Threat Or Just A Lot Of Hype?

Code injection has been around for a while, but recently popped up in the news … Continued

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Posted: 12/28/16

Cybercriminals Need Shopping Money in 2017, Too!

Oh, the ransomware outside is frightful, and the amounts are not delightful… If you’ve been … Continued

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