Posted: 02/16/17

NSS test

Reflections on third-party testing and its importance This week NSS labs announced the first public … Continued

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Posted: 02/15/17

Don’t Assume Your Linux Machine Is Safe

If you’ve worked in the technology industry for a while, you probably remember the days … Continued

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Posted: 02/13/17

Popcorn Time: Would You Infect Others To Avoid Paying A Ransom?

Would you infect other businesses with ransomware to keep from paying a ransom yourself? This … Continued

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Posted: 02/10/17

World’s Most Common Password Hasn’t Changed in Years

At this point, it’s not even funny. In 2016, the world’s most common password was … Continued

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Posted: 02/08/17

NSA Hackers Release Last Cache of Stolen Hacking Tools

APTs aren’t exactly a regimented bunch. They spring up, release a list of breached credentials, … Continued

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Posted: 02/07/17

Top 8 Reasons to Come by SentinelOne Booth 845 at RSA

It’s my third year at RSA with SentinelOne, and I couldn’t be more excited about … Continued

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Posted: 02/06/17

Malware Melts Down MongoDB Implementations

Ransomware happens. Sometimes, you do everything you can, and ransomware still gets you. Sometimes you … Continued

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Posted: 02/03/17

Meet the Worst Candidate for the Job—Petya

The new variant of Petya doesn’t have a preference between shaken or stirred. Mostly it’s … Continued

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Posted: 02/02/17

SentinelOne are Attending the Retail Risk Conference in London

  SentinelOne will be attending the Retail Risk conference in London on March the 23rd The … Continued

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Posted: 02/01/17

New Malware Threats: Ransomworm Is Coming, Are You Ready?

In 2016, there were over 4,000 ransomware attacks every day. This was a 300% increase … Continued

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Posted: 01/30/17

KillDisk Malware Gets Ransomware Upgrade

KillDisk is a frightening name among security researchers. This is the malware that was used … Continued

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Posted: 01/26/17

Ransomware Roundup

This is the first of the SentinelOne threat Roundups, this is designed to be a … Continued

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