Purpose-built protectionpreservesperformance

Eliminate the security/performance tradeoff with a solution uniquely architected to sit out-of-band, enabling next-generation protection without degrading CPU performance. Avoid costly AV scan storms with behavior and cloud-based detection.

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unrivaled protection across major attack vectors

Leverage next-generation pre, on and post-execution threat prevention to protect data from the types of advanced malware, exploits and script-based attacks that easily evade AV and sandboxing solutions.

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Automation combined with policy-driven mitigation to kill or quarantine threats or even take a server offline provides immediate response to new threats the instant they are detected.

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Take advantage of complete visibility into protected servers, along with easy-to-digest, full-context attack forensics. Identify patient zero and track attacks in real time.

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Enterprise-scale protection at 5x lower TCO; SentinelOne EPP unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single, easy-to-deploy platform that scales to hundreds of thousands of servers… and beyond.

Multi-solution approaches with the same capabilities cost almost 5x more to purchase, deploy, and manage.